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Rhythmbox plugins

Support via this blog post:

Rhythmbox equalizer plugin


A 10 band equalizer for Rhythmbox. Originally by Teemu Kallio, Floreal Morandat and Luqman Aden.

The version available here adds the following features:
  • Compatibility with RB 2.98
  • Port to dconf
  • Ability to add/remove custom presets
  • Ability to control automatic preset selection based on genre information
  • Other UI improvements
Note: After putting the contents in a folder in your plugins folder, you must also install the dconf schema. It is sufficient to copy the schema file into (at least on gentoo) /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/ and run "glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/" as root.

Known issue: Click "Reset All" button at the first time you use the plugin. Initially all bands for all presets will be at 0.

Rhythmbox skype status ("mood") plugin


Extends the telepathy integration to contain skype for updating the status message with the currently playing song. Originally by Christopher Gabijan.

Gentoo ebuilds

Weather extension for gnome shell (by Neroth)


This is an ebuild for using Neroth's weather extension ( for gnome shell on gentoo. It has been tested with Gnome 3.6 and 3.4. Extract the file in your local overlay, the directory structure will be created.

Apache unix group access control module (ModAuthzUnixGroup)


This is an ebuild for using apache unix group access control module ( on gentoo. Extract the file in your local overlay, the directory structure will be created.

Bash shell scripts

PDF metadata (author, title, subject and keywords) tagging script


Adds metadata to pdf files. This is really useful if you have a big collection of documents in pdf and it is hard to remember document contents by looking at the file name. It also supports mass tagging. Best way to utilise this is by using it with nautilus actions plugin. You can edit and import this file into nautilus actions for integration.

Requires pdftk.

Denon receiver serial controller


A program to control Denon 180x,280x,380x via a serial remote connection. It probably works with other models as well which have a serial port, but it's not tested. The idea itself is now naturally completely outdated by the integrated wireless interfaces of almost all highend receivers Denon has to offer. But it might be usefull if you own one of these amazing units with a serial port. I personally do not own one anymore (I owned a AVR-3803) and for this reason can not take the codebase any further. The code is also not updated since many years and will likely fail to compile with recent toolkits. Originally written in C++ and uses GTK 2.x.